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Our seminar program

Practical training and continuing education

As a special feature, the ROTHKOPF law firm offers an extensive seminar program. We hold the seminars for our clients and for interested companies in general.

Each seminar focuses on a topic that is of particular importance to you and your team of employees. Our aim is to provide an individual, practical and cost-effective form of training and further education that focuses on current problems encountered in practice.

Our seminar program is diverse. In addition to classic legal knowledge, it covers practical issues and a great deal of value-added knowledge.

Classical legal knowledge

  • The German patent in grant and opposition proceedings
  • The law on employee inventions (incl. updates)   
  • The European Patent Convention (EPC) (incl. updates)
  • The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
  • The Community Trademark
  • The Community Design

Practical issues

  • Patent information, search and monitoring
  • The patent department
  • The patent infringement process
  • Recent developments in the patent infringement process
  • The patent evaluation

Looking beyond

  • The logic of failed negotiation
  • Style issues are style traps
  • Marketing in the patent department
  • Modern communication company/patent attorney (IP portal)

As a rule, the seminars are held on a small scale at your premises.

If you are interested, just give us a call or use our contact form, we will be happy to train you individually.