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+49-(0)89-242 9189-0

Research, expert opinions & monitoring

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The ROTHKOPF law firm conducts searches, expert opinions and monitoring for you in all areas of intellectual property protection. Thoroughness, expertise and the use of modern techniques are required.

Before filing a patent application, we usually conduct a brief search for prior art. The chances of success of an opposition or nullity action are evaluated after a detailed search. An extensive expert opinion on the legal situation may be required to assess a patent infringement.

In order to detect a possible infringement of patent, trademark or design rights, a thorough monitoring of competitors' IP activities is recommended.

At ROTHKOPF, searches, expert opinions and monitoring are carried out for you using modern computer technology and with the necessary technical and legal expertise of patent attorneys.

We offer searches, opinions and monitoring services for:

  • Patents and patent applications (prior art, protectability, legal validity)
  • Trademarks (prior registrations, protectability, legal validity)
  • Design (design patents, legal validity)