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Universities and institutes - IP strategies for your ideas

Universities and research institutes are veritable idea factories. These ideas need to be protected and exploited - with a special property rights and exploitation strategy for research.

The core of this protection strategy is to focus protection on inventions that have exploitation potential. The exploitation strategy aims to generate income by granting licenses or selling property rights. This income in turn provides financial resources for further research projects and additional property rights.

By exploiting ideas, knowledge is transferred from research to industry. At the same time, the protection of ideas safeguards the financial interests of universities, other higher education institutions and research institutes.

ROTHKOPF will work with you to develop your IP strategy and will support and represent you in its implementation. We can provide you with numerous tips and advice on your exploitation strategy based on our many years of experience in the industry.

For universities and research institutes, we offer:

  • Development and implementation of intellectual property rights and exploitation strategies
  • Preparation of searches
  • Preparation of patent applications
  • Representation in opposition, appeal and nullity proceedings
  • Assistance in infringement proceedings
  • Legal advice on patents, trademarks and designs
  • Expert advice on license agreements, user agreements and know-how agreements