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IP strategies and IP rights exploitation

IP strategies are part of the business plan

The management of IP rights is a complex area. Which ideas should be registered for IP rights and how can these IP rights best be used? To which countries should IP rights be extended? Does it make sense to keep an idea completely secret or, for example, does it specifically make sense to keep it secret until a patent is granted in the USA? 

These are questions you may be asking yourself when developing your IP strategy (IP = Intellectual Property). ROTHKOPF will be happy to help you find the answers to these questions that are right for your company and to develop a suitable IP strategy with you, taking into account your company-specific interests.  

In developing your IP strategies, we will advise you individually and comprehensively on: 

  • Application concepts
  • Licensing and franchising
  • Protection of the core business
  • Blocking competitors
  • Increasing the value of your company

Exploiting property rights - protecting ideas, capitalizing ideas

Protected ideas increase the value of your company, protected ideas are intangible assets - they are valuable and useful. Your protected ideas, e.g. an invention, a trademark or a design patent, may not be copied by others. They give you a head start in development. Protected ideas may not be integrated by others into products and services. They therefore secure you a market advantage. 

Nevertheless, it can be useful and profitable to make your protected idea available to others in a targeted manner. This exploitation of property rights is also part of the IP strategy. In this way, you can generate additional income, such as license fees. 

Often, protected ideas are also welcome bargaining chips for cross-licensing. Protected ideas can have a defensive effect, since an attacker must fear a counterattack from an IP right of the attacked party. In addition, protected ideas and their property rights can be very effective in advertising. 

We advise you on the potential that the exploitation of your property rights means for you or your company. ROTHKOPF will also be happy to assist you with all contractual formalities relating to the exploitation of property rights.

For the exploitation of intellectual property rights, we offer: 

  • Expert advice on- non-disclosure agreements- utilization agreements- know-how agreements- franchise agreements- license agreements
  • Negotiation management
  • Development of a licensing strategy